Black college students face hidden mental health crisis

Black college students face hidden mental health crisis

Reimagining Critical Race Theory in Education: Mental Health, Healing and the Pathway to Liberatory Praxis,” a paper McGee co-authored with David Stovall, associate professor of African American studies and educational policy studies at University of Illinois at Chicago, was published by Educational Theory. Through the lens of critical race theory, the researchers challenge the construct of grit to consider the extent to which the mental health concerns of black students go undetected….

Grit is a term that is a race-neutral term, but it is often associated with measuring success through the development of certain characteristics and achievement of specific goals, while overlooking the discriminatory processes that hamper the successes of black students, McGee explained. While being resilient is required for any college student, black students bear the additional burden of proving their intellectual worth in the face of overt or covert racism.

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